Masha Luch, a contemporary mixed-media artist, was born in a small Siberian town.

She received her Master's degree in fashion design from Saint-Petersburg University of Design and Technology in 2011. Masha had worked in the fashion industry for more than 5 years, and at the same time took her first steps in art.

In 2012 she completed a short course in Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins, London. In the following years, she gained impressive experience in the field of visual design and motion graphics, working as a project designer with global brands.

 In 2022, Masha Luch took a contemporary art course at a Research practices workshop led by Hanna Zubkova.


Masha used to reside and work in St. Petersburg, Russia before relocating to Podgorica, Montenegro.

Masha's artworks are in private collections in Armenia, Russia, the USA and Finland.

My artistic practice is based on the observation of everyday life, of the ordinary little things that surround us and most often go unnoticed. I turn my sight to details, insignificant at the first glance: angles, reactions, phenomena. I discover a new dimension in which I can discern alternative meanings and unexpected messages.

My interest in cryptograms, puzzles, and riddles arose at the beginning of my creative way — during my studies as a fashion designer. 
I was interested in clothes and fashion as means of cultural disguise and a non-verbal sociopsychological form of communication. Studying fashion through these aspects helped me realize that one of the most fascinating phenomena for me is the effect of the mimicry of objects.

This topic has become a logical extension of my creative way of art. I am immersed in the search for interpretations of images and meanings of everyday camouflage and the methods of disguise. 

I use different mediums - textile art, sculpture, video, and digital art. That easy way of operating the mediums is directly correlated with one of the main ideas of my work — disguise. Minimalism, lightness, and plasticity of my hidden messages make room for ambiguous interpretations, which I, as an author, want to share, allowing the viewer to find their own meanings and reflections of their experiences.
Autocenter Pod Gorica / PostScriptum Projects
Podgorica, Montenegro / 2023

I AM VULNERABILITY / Biennial of Youth '23
Belgrade, Serbia / 2023

Mirage / Kafedra Gallery
Herceg Novi, Montenegro / 2023

ART ON LOOP / The Holy Art Gallery
Amsterdam / Brussels / Paris / 2023

Visible emptiness / Kafedra Gallery
Herceg Novi, Montenegro / 2023

Traces of Time / Primo Piano Gallery
Lecce, Italy / 2023

Homecoming / Art Kvartal
Yerevan, Armenia / 2023

Acid on a saucer or how we ate hype / Art Center Fligel
Vladimir, Russia / 2022

Vogue / Boomer Gallery
London, United Kingdom / 2022

BBE / Electrozavod Gallery
Moscow, Russia / 2022

NIZINA FEST / Art Space Zero Room
Samara, Russia / 2022

Annihilation / Art Space LoftPskov
Pskov, Russia / 2022

Fashion show Mados Injectija
Vilnius, Lithuania / 2011

VII design and art biennale Modulor 
Saint Peterburg, Russia / 2009
Traces of Time 
The catalogue of the exhibition participants.
Lecce, Italy / 2023

The interview for the web site on the topic "The everyday routine and art". / 2023

TATLIN Open Library
The publishing house Tatlin placed the project LAST PRICE in their open library
tatlin library / 2023

Chislennichek 2023 
The project of a tear-off calendar, which at the same time is a large-scale exhibition collected by curators from the works of artists from Russia and other countries of the world.
Moscow, Russia / 2022

Vogue / Fourth Edition
The catalogue of the exhibition participants.
London, United Kingdom / 2022

Centras magazine
the personal interview, photo of the author's fashion collection and  graphics.
Vilnius, Lithuania / 2011

Lady Time magazine
The photos of the author's fashion collection.
Saint Petersburg, Russia / 2010

DesignInform magazine 
The photos of the author's fashion collection.
Saint Petersburg, Russia / 2010

The artwork catalog of exhibition participants, publication of author's paintings.
Saint Petersburg, Russia / 2010

The artwork catalog of exhibition participants, publication of author's paintings.
Saint Petersburg, Russia / 2009