Summer 2002. St. Petersburg, 8 pm. Sunset.

A Muken mirror and a begonia are standing on the windowsill and cast shadows on the carpet in my children's room.

Spring 2022. Yerevan. 8 pm. Sunset. The empty windowsill in a hotel room /in a forced new house/ does not cast a shadow, but my memory spots a familiar silhouette of the mirror and a plant in a sunspot on the floor.


The term «karpet» is used for non-pile rugs in Armenia. My art object is crafted with the same technique. The word «karpet» (Armenian: կապերտ) was first mentioned in the 5th-century Armenian translation of the Bible. The term “karpet” is formed from the root “kap” (Armenian: կապ) which means «knot», «contact», and «connection».  It is assumed that the Armenian word “carpet” entered into European languages at the end of the 13th century.



textile art 

136x98 cm


Homecoming / Art Kvartal
Yerevan, Armenia / 2023

BBE / Electrozavod Gallery
Moscow, Russia / 2022