The "GO BACK" project is a reflection on the concept of the path, exploring various aspects of this idea and seeking to uncover the complexity of its structure and meaning.


The "path" can be understood as a physical road, as a vector of movement, as distance. Or as a choice, which is a kind of internal movement and an impulse for transformations.


The exploration of these aspects takes the form of conceptual art through the creation of an installation, the basis of which is a schematic tabletop game board. The scale of the scheme is intentionally enlarged, making the viewer feel small in this context. The possibility to step onto a cell and find oneself inside the game creates interaction between the viewer and the installation, turning them into a part of the artwork.

The board scheme is partially drawn, emphasizing the focus on the central black cell number 10. This cell becomes the central element of the project, offering the player who lands on it the opportunity to "start the game again."

In addition to the graphics, a pair of game dice continue the art installation, each with the same numerical value on every side. In any hypothetical dice roll, the result is always the same - the number 10. This is the moment when the 'game' begins.


The viewer is faced with a choice in interpreting what is happening. This choice underscores the fixed nature of the situation, prompting the viewer to reflect on the predetermined outcome. This moment becomes a key event, triggering a series of reflections and emotions. The viewer can perceive this moment as a hopeless tragedy, a closed loop, or as a new opportunity and a fresh start. Or they may decide that they are not part of this game, adding an element of dialogue between the artwork and the viewer.

The installation ''GO BACK" was first introduced as a part PostScriptum Projects - self-organized contemporary and urban art shows in desolated and empty spaces all around the world.



Now / Lender Gallery
Saint Petersburg, Russia / 2024

PostScriptum Projects / Contemporary and urban art shows
Podgorica, Montenegro / 2023