The series "Monologue" is a reflection of the elusiveness and changeability of our life. Doubts, shades of emotions, search for solutions and answers. The phrases are like a monologue of voices inside.
This is a reflection on the transformations that occur within individuals, entire nations, opinions, and views, as well as emotions and relationships. Often, such metamorphoses are hard to notice because they originate within us and develop from a monologue with ourselves. To see and discern these ever-changing impulses, one needs a subtle calibration of optics. And when you know how to look, from which angle, you can notice how vulnerable, uncertain, changeable, and fragile these inner monologues are.

The series is made in the technique of lenticular printing. A slight change in the viewpoint radically changes the message on a board. Two similar phrases placed on a surface are as shades of a monochrome palette. They seem so resemblances, but the gradient of their meanings is extremely opposite.


15x20 cm

Lenticular printing

Mirage / Kafedra Gallery
Herzeg Novi, Montenegro / 2023